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Intestinal parasites


Intestinal parasite control is often overlooked as pets get older but I believe it is still vitally important. Recently an eldeley dog developed black coloured droppings, this is never a good symptom and is often casued by intestinal bleeding. A faecal test confirmed the presence of blood and hookworm eggs. This dog had regularly been getting an appropriate dose of a supermarket wormer. The problem is that supermarket wormers have usually lost their efficacy years ago i.e. worms have developed resisitance. Please use high qulaity wormers - available from Veterinarians.



As a Veterinarian, I must periodically perform euthenasia, This process is very emotional for all involved. I am fortunate enough that I only perform euthenasia on elderly and debillitated pets.

Although it is a sad time, I often hear stories about the pet during its younger and healthier days, these stories help to lighten the mood. 

Recently I had an owner tell me about his 18year old little cross breed dog, who in his younger days was a noted fence climber and roamer. The owner once had an irate lady from down the road turn up on his doorstep with his little dog, who had climed the fence and 'hooked up' with the lady's pure bred breeding female Poodle!

Diet Tips


Hi Everyone,

I am a great believer in preventive medicine and hopefully can provide some easy tips for future use. I have two tips in relation to diet and feeding.

  • a lot of dogs are overweight, this is due to lack of exercise and overfeeding (sound familiar?). These dogs often have higher blood fat levels than other dogs as well as commonly suffering digestive disorders (i.e. diarrhoea) due to excessive consumption of treats and processed foods. Its is VITAL that these pets do not get a high fat meal e.g. sausage,pizza, crackling, chicken skin as this might end up causing a serious and potentially life threatening disorder called Pancreatitis.
  • Dogs with a deep chest (e.g. German Shepherds) that are fed predominantly dry food can suffer from a life threatening swelling and twisting of the stomach. Its is VITAL they do not 'scoff' their food, drink a lot of water at mealtimes or exercise with a few hours of a meal.

Please email with any comments, queries or concerns.





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