VetVan mobile veterinary clinic Brisbane

VetVan Mobile Veterinary Clinic Brisbane

Please explore this website and discover what the VetVan mobile veterinary clinic can offer you and your pet. VetVan is an innovative business based in Brisbane that provides a range of north-western Brisbane suburbs with mobile veterinary services. With VetVan being a mobile veterinary clinic, you no longer have to experience the hassle of transporting pets and we provide you with professional and conscientious advice about pet health care.

There are crucial differences between VetVan's services and traditional veterinary clinics.

  • Vet consultations are at your home
  • No premiums are charged for veterinarian house calls
  • The listed phone numbers provide a direct line of contact to the veterinarian, Andrew Parker
  • Pets are picked up and dropped home when surgery or tests are required
  • Prescription veterinary medications needed for treatments are delivered to your door

If you have seen the VetVan on the road or have received information material in the mail and were curious, Andrew Parker hopes that after exploring the website, you will feel confident to trial VetVan's mobile veterinary clinic the next time your pet requires the services of a local vet. If you have any questions or wish to book a consultation, please contact VetVan directly via phone, sms or email.

Clinic Shotsclinic shots

  • Fistulae repair..
  • Oronasal fistulae..
  • Infected canine tooth..
  • After removal..
  • Ulcerated Tumour Close up..
  • Ulcerated Tumour..
  • Feline resorptive lesion..
  • Excising a large tumour..
  • Surgery in the new theatre..
  • Grid Keratotomy..
  • Cornea after debridement..
  • Ulcer Treatment..



Our Veterinarian regularly posts news and health care tips.
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