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VetVan uses the latest surgical techniques, anaesthesia, and pain medication. VetVan provides a range of surgical services, including speys, castrations, dew claw removals, tumour removal, fight wound cleaning and repair, skin and lump biopsy and soft tissue surgery such as third eyelid prolapse surgery and skin fold surgery.

For all surgery cases VetVan can provide a range of pre-anaesthetic blood tests to screen your pet’s health before surgery. Each surgery case has a sterile kit, drapes, gloves and gowns and a dedicated theatre nurse who monitors your pet’s heart rate, respiratory rate and temperature during surgery. Soft dry beds and heating pads help keep your pet comfortable during recovery.

All surgery is performed on Tuesday (although more urgent cases can be attended to on other days) and most patients go home the same day. A pet pick up and drop home service is provided for all clients.


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Preventative Care

Andrew believes that his knowledge about Veterinary Science is best utilised by clients to help prevent disease and thus maintain the health of pets.

For all pets, a comprehensive annual consultation and physical exam is strongly recommended. These appointments are used to discuss the daily management of pets health and to examine the physical systems for alterations or deformities. Andrew can also provide advice about diet, grooming, behaviour and about any vaccines that are required. Animals grow and age faster than their owners, annual examinations can detect problems in early stages that could deteriorate quickly if not attended too.

All pet owners are urged to use heartworm preventives year-round. Mosquitoes transmit heartworm disease and keeping pets in isolation from others provides no protection from heartworm. In South East Queensland, mosquitoes are active 12 months a year. Andrew Parker can provide heartworm preventives that also protect against intestinal parasites (very important if pet owners also have young children). Brisbane pets also have a high incidence of tick paralysis during Spring and VetVan is happy to provide a range of prevention methods.

Intestinal parasites are very common (70% incidence) in all pets and monthly or three monthly parasite preventive medications are recommended.

Fleas can cause itching, inflammation and infection in the skin. VetVan recommends year-round application of pet flea and tick control medications.



A full microscopic cytology service is provided during a consultation if required. As part of the diagnosis of lumps or skin and ear disease, samples can be taken from your pet, stained with special stains and viewed at 1000 times magnification using a high powered microscope. Results are immediate. VetVan also has access to diagnostic equipment that is used to accurately assess your pet’s health. Based on your pet’s needs, diagnostic tests or procedures might be recommended. VetVan offers cytology, radiology (x-rays) and a full-service laboratory for testing blood, urine, and faecal samples as well as screening for heartworm disease, feline leukaemia and feline immunodeficiency virus.

Chronic problems

A chronic problem is defined as a regular or recurring problem over a long period of time. Older animals often suffer chronic problems and require more regular care. VetVan can provide the following services:

  • Short visits to check progress and provide medications by injection
  • Screening tests to check medication levels
  • Periodic blood/urine tests to check for medication side effects
  • Formulation of treatment and monitoring plans
  • Delivery of prescription medications
  • Assessment of quality of life

Andrew’s commitment is to monitor and treat pets with care and gentleness and communicate with clients regularly about examination findings, treatments and progress. VetVan offers referrals to specialist veterinary hospitals that provide 24 hour care for pets that require constant supervision or specialist skills.


Dirty teeth


Poor animal oral health can cause pain, tooth loss and infection. Bacteria from dental infections enter the blood stream and over time cause disease of the liver, kidneys or heart. Bad breath, yellow/brown calculus and red, swollen gums are signs that your pet needs dental care. VetVan’s services include a professional dental assessment and cleaning while your pet is under anaesthesia.

A comprehensive oral examination includes: recording all problems on a dental chart, then hand scaling and ultrasonic scaling to clean above and below the gum line, high-speed polishing to smooth the tooth surface and if there are any damaged or diseased teeth that require extraction, pain relief, local anaesthesia and antibiotics are used to help with recovery.


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